Ibizinisi Fund

Take part in our eKasi Lions program and stand a chance to step into the Lion’s den.

You stand a chance to acquire the funding that you need to either take your business to the next level or to start your business from scratch.

Start the process by completing this one pager and pitching your business to us. The finalists will stand a chance to pitch their idea in front of a live panel in Centurion, all expenses paid.

Please note the following rules:

1.       You either need to be an active Spesres student or you had to complete the Spesres course previously.

2.       If your application is incomplete, then it will not be considered.

3.       If you do not submit a video, then your application will not be considered.

4.       Please follow the guidelines given to you within the application.

      The closing date for submissions during the first phase of the process is at the close of business (17:00) on Friday, 22 January 2021

Complete Form and Submit to Ibhizinisi Fund