Ibizinisi Fund

Ero Boss Graphics - Eric Mukomawabani


Ero Village Boss Graphics is a young entrepreneur with a big dream.

Eric Mukomawabani started his digital and design marketing company a few years back, he had a laptop and a passion, it was a slow growing business as he didn’t have much resources to work from until he took advantage of the Ibhizinisi fund.

He requested an amount of R10 000, this went towards him extending his business into printing and laminating.

He saw that there was a gap in the market at his area for people wanting to print and laminate items, but the nearest shop was 3-4 km away.

Since Eric got his investment, he has seen growth in his business of about 150%, he has also since started a Facebook page and reached 500 follows within a week.

With his community behind him he is destined to make a success.