Ibizinisi Fund

Greenvalley Farming - Masindi Khubana


When Masindi Philis Khubana entered the Ibhizinisi fund we almost missed her application due to her pitch video that did not want to work.

Luckily for her, we do not skip on a business plan due to technical errors, we read through her business plan and looked at her already established website that described everything she was busy with.

She resubmitted her video and immediately we could see that she has something big going for her.

Greenvalley Farming Cooperative is a team of five youths from Limpopo that farms together, with Masindi as their leader.

They required funding to further their farm and buy supplies such as drip pipes, agro sprayers, pesticides, and herbicides.

Farming is hard labor and mental work, but with Masindi as the team leader, she is not afraid of getting her boots dirty and grafting with the rest of her team.